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Back among the living—I think :)

What a week!  Truth to tell, I spent much of it in my pajamas, recovering from all the fun and excitement of the trip to New York, plus various (thankfully minor) dramatic events.  I did a Facebook chat with the marvelous Nicki Boyle over on the Linda Lael Miller Fan Club (blush) page–good thing I didn’t have to talk, because I still sound pretty croaky.

So, we’re up to Tuesday, July 17, in my travelogue. 

The day started early, with a call-in radio interview, after which I tumbled back into bed and slept at least two more hours.  :)  It was

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The Case of the Missing Blogger

I’m BACK from New York and, while I had a fabulous time there, as always, I’m delighted to be home.  I’m worn out and have some kind of bug, but eager to get back to my writing and my regular life.

What all did we do?  It will take a week to catch you up on everything, because we were a busy, as well as mottley, crew.  Fortunately, I recorded the highlights of each day in my art journal, so I can consult that to boost my memory.  :)

We all set out on our journey–Sally and her girls, Angela and

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Though the term “stick ’em up” is widely used in Western films, it wasn’t actually coined until the 1930’s.