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More coffee, please :)

I’m still a little rummy (as in tired, not drunk) so I’m off to a slower start today.  Oh, well.  I’m so eager to get back into my story–what fun I’m having with this bunch of characters!

It’s rainy out this morning–make that this WEEK–but I’ve got my happy lamp and my pets and it’s all good.  I miss the small furry people very much whenever I’m away from home–and the large ones, too.  I need to pay a visit to the horses later today, just to say howdy and soak up some of that horse-energy.  It’s like medicine to

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You guessed it! Technical difficulties.

I was all set to blog every day while I was at the wonderful CREATE art workshops in Irvine, California–and suffice it to say, the universe was not on my side in this matter.  No matter what I did, I couldn’t get online, even on the hotel computers or my daughter’s iPad.  I’m not a big fan of MSN right now, suffice it to say.

In any case, I got home late last night–flight delayed out of Seattle but otherwise it was all smooth sailing–and I was (and am) seriously tired.  A certain Yorkie was very glad to see me,

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A “ten gallon hat” can’t hold ten gallons of anything.