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I love reading your comments, and I thought I’d address a few of them in today’s blog. 

RE: “The Last Chance Cafe”.

This movie was made for Lifetime TV, and I enjoyed visiting the set and meeting Kevin Sorbo (Kevin is not only handsome, but smart and nice, too), who played the hero, Chance.  Given the budget for the film and the obvious difficulty of fitting all that material into about ninety actual minutes of film, I thought they did a good job.  The screenwriter, Pam Wallace, was one of the three scriptwriters who won an Academy Award for the

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Holding Strong

“Big Sky Country” is hanging in at #2 on the Times list!  YES!!

We have sunshine today, and I’m loving it.  Yesterday afternoon, we had a duck-drowner of a rain storm, complete with thunder and lightning.  I had just finished writing for the day and we all–Mary Ann, Jen, Chris and I–sat in the kitchen and watched the light show.  It was absolutely spectacular!

I’m reading “Gone Girl” on my Nook–a suspense thriller about a missing woman.  I intended to read a chapter or two, and ended up staying up LATE.  I finally forced myself to turn off the device

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The term “keep your ear to the ground” comes from literally putting an ear to the ground to listen for hoof beats.