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Hair today, hair tomorrow

My hair has reached the crisis point.  I think I qualify for a national disaster grant.  :) 

Can you guess what’s on the schedule for today?  That’s right–my trusty hair-stylist and colorist are riding to the rescue.  And it’s none too soon–my hair is in open rebellion and it’s time for the cavalry to show up, bugles blowing, to restore peace and tranquility. 

In my family, people either have too much hair, or not enough.  There is no happy medium, it seems.  My sister Sally and I have a running joke about the way our hair looks when we wake up

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I may burst into song…

Today’s weather is so gorgeous.  It makes me want to sing the whole score of “Oklahoma”.  (You do not want this to happen.)

One song I could burst into with impunity is Happy Birthday–to my gorgeous niece, Samantha, who is whooping it up in Las Vegas even as we speak.  :)  Happiest of happies, sweetheart, and don’t talk to strangers.  :)  You, either, Also Gorgeous Ang.  (Because Aunt Lindy said so, that’s why.) .

I had so much fun in Salem, I’m still getting over it.  I went to group yesterday afternoon, and did some finishing work on “An Outlaw’s Christmas”, but

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Back in earlier days, a cattle drive would average 10-12 miles a day.