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I’ve got to get somebody to show me how to access the whole of your comments since I haven’t figured it out on my own and as of now I can only see the first line or so.  Just want you to know that I do read them and I do care what you say, though I can’t always answer.   

Remember my “Surprise me, God” motto?  Well, it’s already happening.  Yesterday I was scrolling through the new fiction on iTunes–I listen to a LOT of books –and there was “Big Sky Country”.  The printed version doesn’t even come out until

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Wow! Did I do that????

I’m revising Chapter 2 of the new book today, and drafting Chapter 3.  I’m amazed at how easy this process has become since I started treatment for ADD!  It’s almost like that old fairy tale, where the shoemaker goes to bed and when he wakes up, the brownies have restocked his shelves with well-made shoes.  :)  I’ve always loved writing, of course, but it used to be much harder to concentrate. 

The lovely weather continues–and how it delights my heart.  The lilacs are blooming–heavenly scent–and I need to do some pruning. 

Tomorrow I’m having my routine annual physical, but I’m not

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Back in earlier days, a cattle drive would average 10-12 miles a day.