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We Will Never Forget


The Greatest Generation: World War ll veterans, our own soldiers and brave Allies, you quite literally saved the world.  You stood strong against tyranny and unspeakable evil, you suffered without complaint, for the sake of humanity and for America, our beloved Home.  You were determined to do what was right, no matter how hard it was, and we all owe so much to you.  How could “thank you” ever be enough, in the face of such courage and sacrifice?  Truly, you gave it all: blood, sweat, toil and tears.  THANK YOU.


The Viet Nam veterans everywhere: I love

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My gratitude list

I thought I’d share today’s gratitude list, just for the fun of it.  :)

1. I am grateful for the lovely sky-show this morning.  There was a hollow place in the clouds, fringed with light.

2. My niece Kelly spent the night here before heading home to the East.  Kelly is a wonderful young woman, smart and funny and generous.

3. The Canadian Wrangler cleared part of the flowerbeds yesterday.  This is a big job.  I can do some weeding and pruning, but he did the heavy work.

4. That first cup of coffee every morning.  It’s ambrosia to me.


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Around 1541, the present state of Texas was called Tejas, a Spanish version of the Caddo word meaning “allies.”