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Good morning!

Well, the sky is overcast this morning, so I guess we’re in for some April showers.  Which, of course, will pay off in May flowers.  :)

The new book is really perking along–and it’s all so vivid in my mind.  It’s like sitting down to watch a movie every morning, and writing down what I see.  Since it’s about half the length of my usual books–it’s a special publication, for Christmas–I expect to be finished sometime next week.  WOW.  Then I’ll leap right into “Big Sky River”, which is the third Parable story.

My copies of the first one, “Big Sky

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Postcard Weather

I think I am addicted to spring.  It is SO beautiful–and I’m 99 percent sure this is my beloved sister-in-law Anna’s birthday.  :)  Have a happy one, sweetie–we love you very much.

Well, yesterday was just CRAZY busy, but it all got done.  I had my dental appointment–along with getting my hair cut and colored, this is one of my least favorite activities–but now it’s over and I have shiny white teeth.  :)  I also enjoy visiting with the hygenist, Sue, although a lot of the conversation is necessarily one-sided.  :)  I attended group in the afternoon–5 out of 8, completed.  A lot

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Around 1541, the present state of Texas was called Tejas, a Spanish version of the Caddo word meaning “allies.”