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Still Walkin’ On Sunshine

What an excellent writing day I had today!  All four thousand words, my quota, just seemed to spill out onto the computer screen–I watched the action unfold in my imagination and then simply wrote down what I saw.

Bernicie and I had two walks, one in the morning and one this afternoon, when I’d finished my pages.  The weather is cold but otherwise completely glorious, and the walks have turned into my prayer time. 

I plan to spend at least some of the evening downstairs, in my craft room, which no longer looks like a blurb for “Hoarding: Buried Alive”,

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The Best Day of My Life

February 6 is the anniversary of the very best day of my life–the day I gave birth to my (okay, ‘our’, but her dad and I have been divorced for years)–daughter, Wendy Diane.

Wendy is: smart, funny, beautiful and amazingly talented as both a writer and a singer.  Her screenplay, “Truth Below”, was shown on MTV last year and of course that makes me proud, but there are many more “ordinary” reasons to be proud of Wens, too.  Her deeply gentle love for animals, for instance, goes back to earliest childhood–how well I remember how she sobbed at her hamster’s funeral. 

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Back in earlier days, a cattle drive would average 10-12 miles a day.