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Within a very short time, I’ll have a new website and a new blog.  My Facebook page has been altered, too–lots of pix of the pets there, and more to come.  As I understand it, you won’t have trouble making the transition–all very exciting.  There will be contests and lots of fun things.

My main focus these days is the book–I’m loving it, though I did take the weekend off to restore my energies.  I had the house Feng Shui-ed on Saturday–very interesting process–and I’ll keep you updated on that.  I start a Photoshop class tomorrow night–long term goal, about

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Snow and Steps

I continue to work toward my 10,000 steps a day goal, and so far, I’m doing great!

I wrote today–it’s challenging, but I’m loving it.

Bernice and I walked–she’s not as committed to the Fitbit as I am :) so we stop a lot, so she can smell out the situation.  :)  Skiffs of snow were coming down all day–very pretty.

Yesterday, I had my hair cut and colored.  I like to say, at this point, I needed emergency care.  :)

Back tomorrow.

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Back in earlier days, a cattle drive would average 10-12 miles a day.