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A Soft Blanket of Snow

The snow is lovely this morning, as I look out my kitchen windows–not too deep, and marked only by the occasional set of deer or coyote tracks.  Since the stuff probably reaches the middle of Bernicie’s chest, we’ll have to wait for either a thaw or a pass of the plow before we can take our walks.

I had an excellent writing day yesterday, even with a dash to Walmart for in-case-of-snow things, and attended my second Photoshop class in the evening.  Photoshop is, alas, still pretty much of a mystery to me, but I’m determined to stick with

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Winter Wonderland–Or Not :)

Short blog today–I’m really into the book and I don’t want to break my momentum.  :)

The new website is coming soon, so please watch for it.  Special thanks to all of you who ‘liked’ my new Facebook page.

We’ve been living in a smooth, white, sparkly world for the last few days–it’s lovely out here in the country; acres of diamonds glitter in the horse pasture and one memorable morning the fallen needles from the tall pines that stand all around us were laced with a fragile dusting of snow–an exquisite sight.  Now, there’s been a thaw and the sky

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The term “keep your ear to the ground” comes from literally putting an ear to the ground to listen for hoof beats.