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More Miscellaneous Chatter

Maybe that should be the new name for the blog.  :)

I’m feeling better every day, though of course I still miss my Sadie-bean something fierce.  I’m so grateful for every moment we got to share, that beagle and I.  She was a joy to me the whole time she was here, and I treasure every memory.

Bernice had a big adventure this morning on her walk with Jenni.  They met up with a family of wild turkeys and suddenly this Yorkie was a mighty hunter.  :)  Of course she couldn’t catch them, but she sure tried.  And then there’s the question,

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Miscellaneous Chatter

I wrote yesterday, and was I ever into the story (Big Sky Country)–this is the part of a book I most love to write, the last third.  By then, things are really rolling, and there are lots of loose ends to tie up, and the work is usually fast and furious (in the energetic sense), the words tumbling out of my brain.

My good friend Debbie Macomber and I are planning a girls-only get together for November–neither of us have a free weekend before then.  I’m looking forward to the long talks and the laughter and even the tears. 


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A “ten gallon hat” can’t hold ten gallons of anything.