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Sadness on the Triple L

We lost our dear Sadie-beagle last night.  I miss her so much, but there is peace in knowing she isn’t hurting anymore.  I was right there with her, which was a blessing–there are, in fact, many blessings involved here. 

I’ll write more on Monday, but right now, I just need to remember, to be thankful for the gift that sweet-spirited, goofy dog was to me, and to cry those healing tears.

Godspeed, Say-Say.  I love you.

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Sadie was home briefly last night, but still didn’t feel well, so Jen and I took her back to the clinic, where she is getting more fluids and possibly a feeding tube.  The doctors are pretty much mystified.  Everything except gastrointestinal stuff has been ruled out, and that’s the test of the day.  This poor dog deserves to come home to her family and just rest.

It’s been one of those days–it seems like when one fire is put out, another starts up somewhere else. 

Still, we’re okay here on the Triple L and I don’t want anyone worrying.


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The stitching across the toe of a cowboy boot is called a toe wrinkle.