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At Least I’m on the Right Blog This Time

Which is saying something.  Yesterday I wrote the entire entry before I realized I was posting it to someone else’s blog.  (It’s the kind where members can participate so, those of you with blogs of your own, have no fear of my crashing you.  :) )

Yesterday was, as I’d hoped, a good writing day, and in the evening, my nephew, Mike, his lovely wife Sara, son Chandler and daughter Courtney–along with Courtney’s friend, Mattie (tell me if I have this wrong, Sara)–dropped in for dinner.  Mike’s friend, Dan, a Northport boy, was here, too.  They not only brought the food–oysters

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The Pony Express carried almost 35,000 pieces of mail over more than 650,000 miles during those nineteen months and lost only one mail sack.