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What a Weekend!

Friend Jean and I attended a two-day workshop at Spokane Art Supply on Saturday and Sunday.  The teacher was the famous Teesha Moore, creator of Artfest and artist extraordinaire.  (Check out her profile in the current issue of Somerset Studio).  We learned so much!

Saturday morning, bright and early, we headed for Denny’s for a fortifying breakfast, coffee,and lots of visiting.  Then it was on to SAS for Teesha’s visual journaling class.  We learned to make a book, and bind it, from watercolor paper.  We splashed color around and collaged and there was a lot of happy concentration, broken by

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Goofing Off

My friend Jean is visiting for the weekend, and we intend to GOOF OFF, big time.  For us, that means catching up on each other’s busy lives, drinking wine, eating Mexican food, making art, and attending a special art workshop at a local art supply store–and doing lots and lots of laughing.  Sometimes a little crying, too, and definitely some praying, since Jean is a Lutheran pastor.

Our lovely summer weather has returned–I love these bright and sun-spangled days.  Then again, ALL days are precious, aren’t they?  These, my friends, are the good ole days we will someday look back on

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Back in earlier days, a cattle drive would average 10-12 miles a day.