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The In-Between Blog

I’m working on the new book, and hit upon the idea of writing a brief update blog each time I take a coffee break.  :)  So here I am. 

Sadie is off at her training session and Bernice is yapping at every sound and shadow.  It’s a normal day around here.

My good friend Kat Martin sent me cookies as a thank you gift.  We’re enjoying those, for sure–we turned the Canadian wrangler loose on them first thing this morning.  (The more other people eat, the fewer I will eat.)

More later.

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Going Deep

Along with the 10 minute freewriting exercises, which work like a charm, I’m going deeper into the emotions of my characters.  That makes for a much richer story, of course, but it’s also difficult at times.  It takes longer, too.  Throughout my career, I’ve written rapidly, so turning out those pages more slowly trips my guilt-o-meter sometimes–I start “shoulding” on myself.   As in, “I should be on chapter such and such by now” or even, “I should be done by now.”

I’m trying to break that habit.  :)

I’ve been listening to “The Tiger’s Wedding: My Childhood in Exile”, a fascinating

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A “ten gallon hat” can’t hold ten gallons of anything.