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That was fast!

700 more words and I can call it a day, pour a glass of wine, and play with my art supplies. 

It’s all good.

See you tomorrow.  :)

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Coffee Break #2

Here I am, with another thousand words in the bag.  :)  Lunch was a piece of soy sauce chicken left over from supper, and now I’m enjoying a cup of Newman’s Own and a quiet chat with Mary Ann.

The plants are doing well, and I think there may be a bud about to open on the gardenia.  The weather is strange, alternating between sunny and overcast, but it’s still hot.  There was a short and very welcome rainfall this morning, when I got up.  Free horse baths, all around.  :)

I’m loving this new book.

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The Pony Express was in operation for only nineteen months from April 1860 through October 1861.