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I had the most excellent day writing yesterday–I was really in the zone.  (With lots of help from my editor and dear friend, Joan Golan.)  I’m looking forward to another productive session today, too, although I have an important teleconference regarding the new website–coming soon to a computer near you!  Stay tuned for full details.

Sadie-beagle spent yesterday at the vet’s, having blood tests.  We’re having a time with her Cushings meds–the first one just made her too sick.  So we’re in transition, med-wise, and just playing it cool, calm and collected.  It’s all about energy–when I gave her the

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My Long Weekend

I spent it: Vegging.  :)  Reading.  (Finished “The Memory Palace”–excellent if sad, and started, “The Dirty Life”, a memoir about farming–too graphic for me.)  Doing art.

It was wonderful. 

Now back to Parable, where my lively crew of story-people await, somewhat impatiently, I fear.

Our weather is gorgeous, and that’s a gift to my soul.  I do love sunshine.  I also love rain, goosefeather snowfalls, and crisp autumns when the leaves of the trees growing along the banks of the Columbia River are splashes of gold and crimson and russet, a million shades of each.  

Life is good.

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“Keep your ear to the ground” referred to the practice of plainsmen listening to the ground to hear hoof beats. It became the westerner’s warning to stay alert.