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Karrie on Canvas (Full Episode!!!) “Women Love Shopping”

Yesterday WAS a perfect writing day, just as I predicted.  Therefore, I’m predicting that today will be perfect, too.  :)  I am loving this new book.

The sunshine is brilliantly beautiful, gilding the big pines and Douglas firs with light.  The peonies are just starting to pop, and that’s good news to me.  I hope to get Dad’s lilies planted today–I’m leaning toward putting them in pots, so I can keep them on the deck and admire them from Linda-central, my kitchen table.  :)

Wendy’s movie, “Truth Below”, will show on Thursday, on MTV, at 10 pm Eastern–I have it Tivoed,

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Cattle drives rarely went more than ten or twelve miles a day, as the cattle had to be given time to rest and graze. A drive from Texas to Montana could take up to five months.