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Lasagna Report

My slow cooker lasagna turned out beautifully–I tasted it last night, but this dish, like many others, is always better the second day. I followed the recipe in my ‘Fix It and Forget It Big Cookbook’, but I did give it a few little tweaks—I added a carton of ricotta cheese and an extra pound of hamburger, browned with onions, even though they weren’t on the ingredient list. I never cook anything savory without onions. :) Anyway, you know how I love to experiment and, to be honest, it doesn’t always work. It’s gratifying when it does.

After today, I will

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Lasagna Day

After I write this blog, and before I sit down to my computer to get my characters out of the fine mess I’ve already gotten them into, I’ll get a batch of slow-cooker lasagna going. This is a fun and easy process–except that the beagle begs, big-time, whenever I brown hamburger. :) (Or any other kind of meat). And a begging beagle is a hard critter to refuse.

What about all those new planets they’ve just discovered? How have we managed to miss them for all this time? :) And while I’m asking all these questions, does this mean I’m not a

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Around 1541, the present state of Texas was called Tejas, a Spanish version of the Caddo word meaning “allies.”