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Three Day Weekends, Etc.

Frankly, I think I need some time to get over all that relaxation. :) I made ATCs, I read, I messed up the kitchen, cleaned it, and then messed it up all over again. I listened to Neil Gaimon’s “American Gods” on my iPod–pretty dark, but fascinating. The guy can definitely write, but he also puts me in the mood to read “Rebecca of Sunnybrooke Farm” or “Anne of Green Gables” to cheer myself up. Fortunately, there was a new podcast from Craftcast.com, one of my favorite online hangouts, to shake off the gloom.

Except for a trip to the supermarket

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Fun Stuff!

Check this out, word lovers: www.wordle.net

My friend Wendall Thomas told me about this site, where one can literally play with words, and make art with them! But be careful–it’s addictive. :) You type or paste in text, and the program will scramble it, apply background colors, etc. There are a number of different fonts to choose from as well, and the home page features examples of other people’s designs. Very, VERY cool–thanks, Wendall.

I made chili and cornbread yesterday, and stuck both in the fridge overnight, once they’d cooled. The cornbread was divine–the secret? I used the Marie Callendar mix

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A “ten gallon hat” can’t hold ten gallons of anything.