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The cold is almost gone, the book is rolling, and I’ve made some cool ATCs. Did you watch the video? :)

It’s all good!!

Had a lovely note from my friend Debbie Macomber, wintering in Florida–it’s always great to hear from my buddies. Macomber (she calls me Miller) and I go way, way back. We spent many a productive hour walking around and around the high school track, discussing plots and wondering if we’d ever make it in the business. :)

Gotta love it.

I downloaded “Red” yesterday, as I mentioned, but I don’t know when I’ll get around to watching it.

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True Grit

This fantastic remake of the John Wayne classic is up for Best Picture, Best Actor (yes! Jeff Bridges was amazing in the role of Rooster Coburn!) and Best Supporting Actress–and, for all I know, it’s a contender in other categories, too. It’s no secret–I sat down to watch this movie expecting to be disappointed–I mean, I LOVED the Duke’s version–but instead, I was blown away. They got it so right!

I guess it’s my day to talk about movies. I still want to see “Black Swan”, “Rabbithole” and “The King’s Speech”, but I probably won’t head to the theater. These

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The Pony Express carried almost 35,000 pieces of mail over more than 650,000 miles during those nineteen months and lost only one mail sack.