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Clog in the Blog Cog

I can’t help it, I like to play with words. :) I especially love alliteration, as you may have guessed from the title of today’s entry.

I had some trouble getting to the correct page this morning–some glitch in the system. Few things make me crazier than computers running amok. Alas, the reality is that they sometimes do.

We got the snow I mentioned, but like most things we dread, it’s not all that bad. Kind of cozy, in fact. Yet another day for me to be grateful that I work at home. Even the intrepid Sadie skipped her exercise program

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Here It Comes…

Big storm rolling in tonight, according to the weather man.

Making a quick run to the doctor today, which is why this blog is both short and late, :) and then I’ll be battening down the hatches, as my mother says. Digging in for the duration, which is only supposed to be about 24 hours, so I’m actually looking forward to it. As long as the electricity holds out, my computer will be humming away.

Much of the country seems to be in the same situation, including Atlanta–Atlanta???–where all kinds of flights are grounded.

It makes an ole cowgirl

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The typical Pony Express rider was nineteen years old and made $100-$150 per month plus room and board.