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That’s how the snow looks in this welcome and wonderful sunlight. As though someone sprinkled the whole world with silvery glitter. Gorgeous.

I was a little under the weather over the weekend–fighting off a cold. Hence, I didn’t accomplish much–I mostly vegged around in casual clothes and warm slippers. :) Not that I usually dress up–I don’t.

Sister Sally sent me an art journal, deliciously blank pages just waiting to be glued and painted and glittered–I have one page well underway and I’m very pleased with it. I took a picture and tried to upload it, so I could post it

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New Experiment

While I wait for my shipment of Friendly Plastic to arrive (I’ll bet you think I’m kidding, with the word ‘shipment’–think cargo container), I’m experimenting with a paper quilling kit I bought on the last run to Hobby Lobby. This is actually quite intriguing. There is some gluing, but it isn’t all that messy, really. I like it anyway.

I plan to work on the new book this weekend–I’m slam-dunk IN LOVE with Brody Creed. The emphasis is there because I tend to change my mind a lot.

I’m well into the audible version of Keith Richards’ book, “Life”. He’s

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In the old times sometimes cowboys referred to beans as “Deceitful Beans” because they talked behind your back.