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Sometimes I Amaze Myself

But not very often. :)

Yesterday was crazy. I had to see the doctor about the chest bug (pleurisy), pick up the handmade tamales I’d ordered from DeLeon’s (an absolute necessity!) and have my sleep machine adjusted by a professional. Despite all that, I managed to finish my chapter of “The Creed Legacy”. And even mess around with my 9 million colors of Friendly Plastic a little bit.

Like I said, I’m amazing. Or, at least, I was amazing yesterday.

Today, I hope, will be a quieter day. Just writing. Hallelujah!

My Christmas trees–one in my office and one in the

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Sick Day

Today, I’m calling in sick.

Chest cold–or something.

I’ll be back soon–later today or tomorrow morning.

Not to worry.

It’s just a bug.

Some news that is, from my kitchen table. :)

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A “ten gallon hat” can’t hold ten gallons of anything.