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Veteran’s Day

A moment that shines in my memory happened at the National Finals Rodeo, on December 7, 2008, during which the opening ceremony is traditionally bang-up magnificent, honoring those who served at and after Pearl Harbor. Lee Greenwood sang “God Bless the USA”, and all us western types were on our feet, rocking that arena with our cheers. A color guard with representatives of all the Armed Forces presented the flag. All of this was deeply moving, but the best part was yet to come: proud veterans of Pearl Harbor, all in their eighties, stood at proud attention, saluting. I mean,

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Finishing Touches

Today I’ll be putting the finishing touches on “Creed’s Honor”, my latest book. “Creed’s Legacy”, of course, is waiting in the wings, ready to go. It’s always exciting to complete a book, and it’s equally exciting to start a new one. :)

I took yesterday off and did nothing really constructive, including writing this blog. I spent the night before at the Sleep Institute, hooked up to all sorts of wires and electrodes and monitors, being tested for sleep apnea. Guess what? I have it. Yep. There are much worse things to have, of course, and I’m not complaining. It is

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The stitching across the toe of a cowboy boot is called a toe wrinkle.