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I Think I Misplaced Yesterday

I was so immersed in “Creed’s Honor” yesterday that I completely forgot about the blog until it was too late to face a computer screen. :) Sorry about that.

I’m off to Spokane Civic Theatre again this weekend, this time to see “The Cemetery Club”. I’m still rockin’ and rollin’ to Buddy Holly tunes–what a show that was! SCT is one of my favorite places–way back when, I used to participate in plays there. I had small parts in both “Funny Girl” and “Oliver”. Alas, I no longer have the time for acting, but I can support the organization by sitting

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Monday Morning Moose

I thought one of the horses had gotten out when I caught a flash of movement through one of the front windows this morning. Alas, a young bull moose was passing by! What an amazing sight, and there I was, without my camera. Yorkie-Bernice was in the back yard at the time, and would usually be yapping her brains out. She’s nobody’s fool–unless she has backup (as in, ironically, a peace-loving Sadie) she just puts her tiny paws up on the fence, wags her tail, and watches the proceedings with the kind of interest only a terrier can summon up.

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A “ten gallon hat” can’t hold ten gallons of anything.