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Pedal Blog

Believe it or not, I can now exercise while I blog! I bought a nifty little elliptical machine from QVC (you KNOW I love gadgets) and I placed it under the desk where I’m writing this entry–and I’m pedalling away even as we “speak”.

Still celebrating around here–“A Creed in Stone Creek” is finished, and I’ll soon be moving on to the second book, “Creed’s Honor.” I went to the casino yesterday and I’ve got to admit, my right wrist is paying the price for pushing all those buttons.

Working on ATCs–I got behind on that just as I did

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“A Creed in Stone Creek” is finished, as of today, and I must say, as many obstacles as I had to surmount this time around, I wouldn’t change a thing. (Okay, maybe I could have lightened up on the creative angst a little!) But I’m a firm believer that, most of the time, things turned out exactly as they’re supposed to. As I’ve said before, saying good-bye to the characters in a book I’ve poured my heart and soul into (and that’s ALL of them) is a lot like sending a child away to college. There is joy and a

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The stitching across the toe of a cowboy boot is called a toe wrinkle.