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Adventures in Art Land

As many of you know, mixed media art is a favorite hobby of mine, along with container gardening, and I mostly make ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) to trade on Swapbot and Art42. I always do my best on my cards, and use the best materials I can, not because I’m noble, but because I’m obsessive. :) There is a rating system on both sites and, recently, I received a low one that I thought was very unfair. It brought my average down, which means I can’t even participate in some swaps, but the most frustrating thing was that I made several

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It’s “Austin” Day!!

He’s out there, right now, my sexy cowboy, Austin McKettrick. Go, Austin!

I’m making this particular blog a short one, as I’ve got plenty of work to do and time seems to be racing by.

So it’s off to Stone Creek for me. :)

More later.

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Cattle drives rarely went more than ten or twelve miles a day, as the cattle had to be given time to rest and graze. A drive from Texas to Montana could take up to five months.