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Sunshine–for the moment!

Spring weather is notoriously changeable, but I’m living in the moment. And right now, at this moment, the sun is out and the sky is blue. The strawberries seem to be thriving, and I’m hoping we can dispense with the cardboard pajamas on Mother’s Day.

Speaking of Mother’s Day–hi, Mom. :) I’ll be contacting you today to make plans. In the meantime, your card is in the mail.

To my friends in Tennessee and surrounding states, coping with the floods, my thoughts and prayers are with you. May the Good Lord hold you in the palm of His hand.

To all

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Remembering Spain

Taken during a visit to the market near La Rambla.

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From the end of the Civil War until 1890, some 10 million head of cattle were driven from Texas to Kansas.