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My Sister Gets Worried….

If I don’t blog. :)

So here I am.

Not that I have much to say. I’m into the new book and the sun is shining. All the critters are fine–Banjo (horse) got out yesterday, but Larry, the Canadian Wrangler, rounded him up pretty quickly. Banjo is the kind of horse my dad used to call a “knothead”; he’s never been saddled and he’s got some Thoroughbred in him somewhere, because he’s big and he’s long-legged and he sure can run. In fact, watching him go, I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s Seabiscuit.

It’s all good on this end of the

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The Rose and the Onion

:) Yesterday, Mom, my brother Jerry and I got together for a Mother’s Day celebration lunch, at one our favorite local restaurants: the Onion. The service was cheerful and efficient, and the food was good, like always. Every mom received a beautiful long-stemmed red rose on the way out. So now you know why I gave this blog entry the above title.

Daughter Wendy was far away, but she did send me the most wonderful gift–a horseshoe necklace and a note that brought tears to this mama’s eyes: “Because I’m so lucky to be your daughter.” Have I bragged yet? Wendy

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Around 1541, the present state of Texas was called Tejas, a Spanish version of the Caddo word meaning “allies.”