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More Sunshine

I am so enjoying this wonderful weather–and I see planting in my (near) future. :)

Also writing–there are few joys like starting out on a new book–indeed, a new trilogy–with all new characters. Okay, mostly new. The first book takes place in Stone Creek, Arizona, so there are some O’Ballivans and McKettricks around and, of course, the hero is a Creed–Steven. You haven’t met him yet, but you do know his lady, Melissa (sister of Ashley and Olivia). The second and third books are about identical twin brothers–Conner and Brody Creed–who happen to be Steven’s cousins. Their stories take place mostly

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Peonies and Books

I’ve been nursing along several peony plants since I moved into this house four years ago. There were a few blossoms last year, but one can’t have too many peonies, I’ve found. The good news is, they’re budding out–I can hardly wait!

The strawberries are in, as you know, and I moved half the zinnia starts into a large wooden planter, and I have sage and lettuce and, of course, tomatoes. I hope to get everything planted this weekend–loads of flowers, a few herbs and vegetables.

The weather is SO beautiful, sunshine aplenty, deer passing through the little clearing at

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The typical Pony Express rider was nineteen years old and made $100-$150 per month plus room and board.