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Another Thrilling Weather Report

I know most of you are on the edge of your seats, wondering how the weather is in Spokane. :)

Yesterday was breathtakingly beautiful. Today is rainy and overcast. In other words, it’s a typical Spring.

I bought a few strawberry plants at the grocery store yesterday–it’s still too early, but I just couldn’t resist. Darn it, I want to grow something! Anyway, last year I waited too long and couldn’t get any strawberry plants, so there you go. Might be a good day to start some tomatoes, too.

After I write, of course.

And I hope there will be time

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Crazy Heart

Gotta get that movie. It looks great! I’m a Jeff Bridges fan, big-time.

I had plans to work yesterday, but I was still pretty tired from the great weekend in Scottsdale, meeting and greeting old friends and new ones.

Today, I’m definitely working.

I promise.

No, really.

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The Pony Express was in operation for only nineteen months from April 1860 through October 1861.