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Noah’s Ark

I hear they might have found Noah’s Ark, at long last. (That would be SO exciting.) Given how much rain we’ve been getting in Spokane this spring, we might need an ark!

I’m bundled in the prayer shawl sister Sally made for me a few years ago, and feeling very cozy and grateful in my warm kitchen.

I watched a movie on my iPod last night, after writing and supper. It was “Georgia O’Keeffe”, and I enjoyed it a lot. I was in a movie watching mood after that, on a roll you might say, so I decided to que

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Planting Zinnias

You know me and zinnias–I love them. For me, they’re in the same league as peonies and roses, so vibrantly colorful are they. It’s still too early to put seeds directly in the ground, at least as I understand the process, but I’m itching to plant. So, in addition to my strawberry starters, which seem to be doing well, I’ve got two large plastic “greenhouses” on my windowsills, flower seeds germinating even as we speak. :)

Last year, I had quite a container garden going out on the deck; this year, my plans are even more ambitious. I will grow herbs

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A “ten gallon hat” can’t hold ten gallons of anything.