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And That’s the News…

Sunshine! Honestly, it is so beautiful here in Spokane that I want to dig holes in the dirt and plant things. I won’t, of course, because it’s still only February, after all, though you wouldn’t know it by looking out my windows. In fact, the sun is SO bright that I had to adjust the blinds in order to see the computer screen.

“Austin” is very near completion–just a few more days to go. What a challenge, and what a joy, writing this trilogy has been for me! I have been so utterly and completely absorbed in the stories that

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More Fog

It’s like 19th century London in this city, but cleaner. :) My mother reports catching a glimpse of the hem of a black cloak vanishing around the corner. (We are a fanciful bunch in my family.)

My sister Sally commented on the Lincoln blog–she said she could picture old Abe and Dad shooting the breeze and maybe swapping hats. (I told you we were fanciful.) Dad always wore a straw cowboy hat, and of course Abe had his stovepipe. The resulting image says it all. :)

I’m working very hard these days, being on the homestretch with “Austin”. As always, it is

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In the old times sometimes cowboys referred to beans as “Deceitful Beans” because they talked behind your back.