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This Can’t Be February!

It is beyond beautiful outside, bright as June. What a (welcome) change from last year!

I admit to a case of cabin fever–that’s why I bought the seed packets I mentioned yesterday–but I’m on the homestretch with the new book, and sunshine makes it easier to write.

I thrive on sunshine. I know this about myself. Next month, as I’ve mentioned, I’ll be spending three and a half weeks in Barcelona, with my sister, Sally. I fully expect to be restored and strengthened by this lovely holiday, but of course I’ll miss my dogs, cats and horses a lot, and

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The view from my kitchen table is so bright on this lovely February morning that I had to adjust the blinds in order to see the screen of this laptop. Yesterday, at the grocery store, I happened upon a HUGE rack of seeds–various herbs, my beloved zinnias, a mix of flowers that will produce an absolute comedy of color.

It’s only February, I said to myself.

I’m leaving for Spain in a few weeks.

I can’t be planting things now.

As so often happens, Self paid no attetnion to my wise counsel. I loaded up with seed packets. I simply

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The term “keep your ear to the ground” comes from literally putting an ear to the ground to listen for hoof beats.