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Hurray, Hurray…

It’s a writing day!

I LOVE unobstructed writing days, and they seem to be harder and harder to come by lately.

Mary Ann, the Trail Boss, is still under the weather with a very bad cold. Yesterday, I asked Chris, aka the Nazi Dog Nanny, who is filling in, to throw together the ingredients of a homemade chicken soup for her, while I was busy in Blue River, with Austin McKettrick and his lady (soon to be) Paige Remington. He did a fine job–and made chilli for MY supper, too–and we took the soup and a few other goodies (pistacios,

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No Appointments

I love a day with no appointments in it! I can write today, really roll, without stopping to do this or do that.

It’s all good!

I’m slow-cooking a roast, and Sadie is off exercising this morning, so Bernicie and the cats and I have the house to ourselves for the moment. Trail Boss Mary Ann has been coming in for several hours every day (she’s dedicated), but her son Derek and grandson Lucas are visiting from Canada, so of course she wants a bit of Grandma Time. Lucas is seriously cute, and so smart. He helps his dad and

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In the old times sometimes cowboys referred to beans as “Deceitful Beans” because they talked behind your back.