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Good Intentions

I had such good intentions yesterday. I did a radio interview, journaled, planned to work on my new book. Instead, I ran smack into a wall labeled ‘flu’ and ended up going back to bed for several hours. (Actually, my friend/agent, Irene Goodman, sent me there, since I was hacking and snorking during our phone conversation.)

This was not how I had envisioned spending my day. I have a deadline. I’m supposed to be writing. I WANT to write.

Today, I feel better. (No, really.)

I guess it’s okay to write in my pajamas.


If anybody wants to know, I’ll

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Tate McKettrick

I posted this picture of one of my ATCs just for fun.
Today is the day! “Tate”, the first book in my new Texas McKettricks series, is out now, even as we speak. I am thrilled.

There’s lots of great fuss around this book, too. Check out my Q&A and the video on MSN’s Lifestyle page. Amazing. Is this really happening to me, Linda Lee Lael, aka Lindy, the little girl from Northport??? Do I really have a national radio interview coming up in 25 minutes???
Apparently so.

Fortunately, I have the current book to ground me. My cousin and
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The typical Pony Express rider was nineteen years old and made $100-$150 per month plus room and board.