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An Ordinary Day

This is my favorite kind of day–an ordinary one. The draw behind the house is cloud-filled–the weather-person is predicting snow for later–Sadie is snoring away nearby, sleeping off her breakfast. :) (Since it hasn’t been that long since she was sleeping off supper, I can only conclude that it’s a dog’s life. For her, anyway.)

The fire will be flickering on the hearth, and I’ll heat up yesterday’s split pea soup on the stove.

Today I’m celebrating the ordinary, because that’s my plan for 2010 and beyond. I’m even planning on celebrating the frustrations and the disappointments we all get–because

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New week, new year, new decade!

The holidays were fantastic this year–as many of you know, I spent Christmas in Santa Monica with Wendy and Jeremy–and celebrated New Year’s right here at home. I like to assess things quietly then, looking back and looking ahead, but not getting stuck in either place. I try to remember that the Present Moment is where I’m supposed to live. :) That is usually quite difficult for me, given the qualities of an active imagination–I honestly believe we are each a micro-universe, in effect, though I couldn’t explain the theory scientifically. (I can’t explain

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Though the term “stick ’em up” is widely used in Western films, it wasn’t actually coined until the 1930’s.