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I spent the whole weekend relaxing. Painting. Reading. You get the idea. In fact, I became SO relaxed that I’m running late with just about everything, including this blog.

My original intention was to work this weekend, as I am so close to finishing “Garrett”. Instead, I played with art supplies and allowed the Writing Muse to rest. Now, the Muse is ready to create, big-time.

I’m onto something here.

Maybe instead of being a Type-A personality, I can ratchet it down to Type-A-minus.

Stranger things have happened.

Stay tuned.

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Snow Predicted

Okay, it’s only an inch, scheduled to start coming down at mid-day, but I’m excited. YES, I said ‘excited’. After all, snow is beautiful. (Repeat after me, snow is beautiful, snow is beautiful…)

Cold weather has definitely kicked in–all the horses have new blankets to keep them snug when they’re out in the pasture during the day. Sadie-beagle wears a blue fleece coat to and from her exercise therapy classes. Bernicie has a red one, but she hangs out here with me most of the time and doesn’t need it.

Today, I’ll be working on “Garrett”–the process, though rigorous, seems

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Texas was the most active gunfighting state, with some 160 shoot-outs from the 1850’s through the 1890’s.