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My Cousin Kathy

Kathy Bannon passed away this weekend.

She was older than the rest of us, and growing up, she was pretty bossy. We used to tease her unmercifully for reading so many Harlequins (how ironic is that?) and she’d either dismiss us with a disdainful wave and a sniff–or chase us all over the farmyard. :)

Kathy loved to read, she was a fabulous cook and, in her day, she was very active in various amateur theater groups–I believe she actually performed in “Nunsense”, but probably lots of other things, too. She built and painted sets, helped make costumes, and directed.


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Just in time for the weekend, I’m recombobulating. :) As I can thank my mom for the word ‘discombobulation’, so I extend felicitations of gratitude to my sister, Sally, who emailed to ask if I was ‘recombobulated’.

Weatherwise, we’re having a rather dreary day. Rain, rain and more rain–Sadie did not want to go to her exercise session today. Yesterday was her tenth birthday, though, and she got a little extra lean hamburger as a treat, so she needs to work out. (Thank heaven she can’t talk, because I know she’d have a few remarks to make about the ironies here.)

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Though the term “stick ’em up” is widely used in Western films, it wasn’t actually coined until the 1930’s.