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Musings on Fall

I have always loved this time of year–there is an indefinable quality to the air or the light–or both–that seems so poignant to me. The drive along the Columbia River, toward Northport–for me that will always be the road home–turns spectacular during the autumn season, as the leaves turn every color from palest gold to brassiest orange to deepest crimson. The sight is breathtaking–each leaf seems to shimmer from within, as though lit by some other sun, in some internal universe.

There are birch trees in my front yard–or cottonwood. :) I’m not sure which. I do know this much–they are

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Today’s Sunrise

Is a beauty! You can get a look at it on my Twitter page. http://twitter.com/lindalaelmiller

There is a definite feel of autumn in the air, even though we’re in line for more hot weather. There are more tomatoes and green peppers in my deck garden than I can rightly use, and we still have plenty of bees buzzing around, that’s for sure. (I’ve heard bees are endangered. Not to worry. They are all congregated on the Triple L, outside Spokane, WA.) I have raised exactly one eggplant, small but perfect. The zuchinnis, on the other hand, are spooky, the way

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Though the term “stick ’em up” is widely used in Western films, it wasn’t actually coined until the 1930’s.