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Sunshine through Rain

As I write this, a light rain is falling, and although the sun has ducked behind the clouds now, moments ago, it was shining right through the shower. It was an incredibly beautiful sight, and I tried to capture it for my Twitter page (twitter.com/lindalaelmiller), though frankly my iPhone photograph didn’t do it justice.

I’m sure the wild turkeys are hiding out in and under trees, waiting for the rain to pass by, but we see them almost every day–often just on the other side of the front door, or passing the fence in back. Yorkie-Bernice is fascinated, sometimes yapping

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While I was out for an appointment yesterday, cousin Mary Ann filled the house with fat, lovely dahlias in pink and yellow–splendid zinnias in clusters–a glorious sight to see. We’d been discussing the state of the flowerbeds earlier–an embarrassment of riches, you might say–and in that take-charge, do-something way she’s always had, she started filling vases. Upstairs, downstairs, billows of color and shape and texture of the sort that only God could design.

A plentitude of any one thing–in this case, flowers–seems to attract more of the same, in some strange universal alchemy. For no reason at all, except that

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Though the term “stick ’em up” is widely used in Western films, it wasn’t actually coined until the 1930’s.