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Belated Blog

I generally prefer to blog in the mornings, but today it just wasn’t happening. I couldn’t get online–until now, that is. I’m on a break from “Garrett” and munching on blue M&Ms. (Not a good thing. I quit smoking 3 months ago and my jeans are getting too tight.)

We’re in for a week of good weather, here in Spokane, and I’m appreciating it big-time. It’s neither too hot nor too cold–as in perfect–and the sky is that poignant shade of blue that makes your breath catch and the backs of your eyes burn. Out in the pasture, the

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To Blog, or Not to Blog

That is the question.


My plans for the weekend include writing, writing and—writing. :) Probably some cooking and some art, too. Maybe I’ll plant some daffoldil and tulip bulbs for next spring–I have some dandies on hand.

The weather is blue-green, beautiful. Tomorrow, it will rain–and that’s good, too.

The plants in my deck garden, with the exception of the zinnias, are starting to thin out and slow down. While I will certainly miss the summer flowers, I do appreciate the cyclic nature of things. Winter is beautiful here–although I DO hope we won’t be buried by snow again–and you can

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Back in earlier days, a cattle drive would average 10-12 miles a day.