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Lovely, Cozy, Rainy Day

I love this weather–partly because I get to stay home and work on the book. No outside appointments.

My deck garden is flourishing–I’ve harvested a lot of cherry tomatoes (delicious) and chopped one of my own green peppers for today’s omlet. (As it turned out, all three of the tomato plants I put in this year produce the tiny variety. You garden, you learn.)

I had an appointment yesterday, so stopped by Williams and Sonoma (it’s the Julia thing again, and I haven’t even see the movie yet!) to buy a decent lidded casserole dish. I chose a 7 and

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The Boeuf Was a Hit!

I’m inspired! The bunkhouse crew loved the fancy French beef stew as much as I did. I can’t wait to make it again, this time with a few touches of my own, like more stew-meat and more carrots. I hope Julia doesn’t roll over in her grave when I say this, but I think I’ll simmer the next batch in a slow cooker. I think that would really bring out the flavor.

Of course I’m doing the usual things, writing, taking care of dogs and kitties and plants, recovering from my tour for “The Bridegroom”.

Quitting smoking has been an

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Though the term “stick ’em up” is widely used in Western films, it wasn’t actually coined until the 1930’s.