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Return of the Barn Goddess

Thanks to the Canadian Wrangler, I haven’t had to feed the horses for a while–I could concentrate on writing and travel, etc. That’s changed, since the Trail Boss, Mary Ann, took sick during a visit up north, and she’s confined to a hospital bed. Of course Larry and Jenni headed up to look after her ASAP, so I’m a barn goddess again.

Naturally, I wish the circumstances were different, but hard work and horse energy are always good things, earthy and healing.

Wendy and Jeremy were supposed to head for home yesterday–Wendy, as you know, suffered a wicked kidney infection,

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Northport High School

I spoke at my high school’s graduation ceremony this past Saturday, and it sure brought back a lot of memories. Some things have changed–the elementary school and the high school have been combined, and have a much nicer paint-job–but a lot was the same.

The class of 2009 numbers 16 grads; we had 13 in my class.

The festivities were held in the gymnasium, and I do believe I stood at the very same podium that was there back in 67, when I gave my painfully earnest valedictorian’s address. :)

For all its small size, Northport High School has produced a

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In the old times sometimes cowboys referred to beans as “Deceitful Beans” because they talked behind your back.