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Day 3- Breathing Continues

Air. It’s a delicious sensation, breathing. :) I’m getting better at it every day.

It is so good to have the Trail Boss back on the ranch. Mary Ann is recovering nicely, more like her old self and in some ways, even better. Her attitude is totally positive. Like me, she’s grateful for every breath–this round, quitting smoking is something to celebrate, withdrawals and all, not suffer through.

My deck-garden is taking off–I’ve even got Swiss chard planted out there. Onions, too, though those haven’t broken through to the surface yet. The green pepper plant is forming tiny buds, the tomatoes

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Breathing is Nice–I Like It
Which is why I stopped smoking–again–roughly 36 hours ago. Mark Twain and I have more in common than writing books and loving it; Twain once said something along the lines of, “Quitting tobacco is easy. I’ve done it hundreds of times.”

This being late June, I don’t expect a snowstorm (make that, BLIZZARD) to come along and sandbag me. :) Of course it wasn’t the blizzard anyway–it was the stuff in my own head. Basically, I needed to be on antidepressants and stop trying to be such an independent cuss. I was bone tired and I still missed (and do today)

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From the end of the Civil War until 1890, some 10 million head of cattle were driven from Texas to Kansas.