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Showers for Flowers

I’m being philosophical today. It’s raining. AGAIN.

I’ve decided to see these showers as the blessings they truly are. As one of those wildly fortunate people who don’t have to commute, I certainly have no room to complain. The rain will water the trees and flowers and decrease the fire hazard that is always a consideration for country folks like myself. It will soften the ground, making it easy to dig tomorrow–P-Day! (P is for Planting) Tomorrow I can finally put my zinnias and hydrangeas in the ground. I can load up my tomato thingy and start looking forward to

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Seeds and Soil

As you regulars know, I’ve been planting things like crazy lately, and getting the biggest kick out of the whole messy process! My tomato stand arrived, and it’s all put together, ready for two tomato plants and a zuchinni start–according to local gardening wisdom, it’s safe to plant on Friday, with all danger of frost hopefully behind us, and I can hardly to wait to start my upside-down vegetable growing career. :)

I planted two zuchinni seeds in an aluminum can about a week and a half ago, and waited breathlessly for the shoot to break ground. Since the plants are

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Back in earlier days, a cattle drive would average 10-12 miles a day.