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Becoming Myself

Greetings from the book factory! I’m telling you, the first book in next year’s Texas McKettricks trilogy is flowing like crazy–I can barely keep up. It’s literally as though the story is being downloaded into my brain, and all I have to do is be there to watch it unfold and write it down. The experience is remarkable–with all my years of writing, I’ve never seen quite this phenomenon before. Some books are easy, some books are difficult, and “Tate” doesn’t fall into either category. I’m working hard–probably too hard–but it’s so magical. I am filled with exhausted joy! (The

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It’s REALLY Friday? ALREADY???

What a week this has been. There are things I would change about it–like coming down with a one-day flu bug and losing a whole day because Sadie was listless and needed to visit her regular vet–but hey, it is what it is.

I just learned that Sally is coming to New York with me–I’m going there for Book Expo America, hereafter referred to as BEA. :) My writing schedule is absolutely break-neck–I will probably be writing in my hotel room in between signings, lunches, dinners and, of course, shopping. I will definitely hit my two favorite stores in the Big

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Texas was the most active gunfighting state, with some 160 shoot-outs from the 1850’s through the 1890’s.