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Hit the Ground Runnin’

That’s the order of the day for THIS cowgirl, anyhow. Lots to do today, starting with Sadie-beagle’s swimming lesson and pickin’ up speed from there!

More bestseller news about “Logan”. It’s Number 1 on the Publisher’s Weekly list!!! I am over the moon about that.

Thanks, pardners!

We had a skiff of snow during the night, just a dusting. The weather man is predicting some sunshine soon, and I can get behind that.

What with all the hurrying, and me sleeping in late this morning, I’ve got to make this blog short today. If anything interesting happens, I’ll write a

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The Turtle Wins

Sadie is down another 4 ounces, for a total of about 5 pounds. Yes, progress is measured in ounces–but we’re headed in the right direction. This process of getting my beagle-dog back on track has been almost as good for me as it is for Sadie–I tend to be a quantum leap sort of person. When I set a goal, I usually achieve it, but ounce by ounce? That’s a new one for me, as many times as I’ve been to Weight Watchers. :) There is an interesting parallel here, too, it seems to me–once I managed to stablize my own

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From the end of the Civil War until 1890, some 10 million head of cattle were driven from Texas to Kansas.