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Beagle Raids

Sadie is redoubling her efforts to get back on the Gravy Train–now that she’s more agile, she comes downstairs in the night and barks–trying to levitate whatever food is on the counter, I suppose. :) She opens the door under the sink and tips over the garbage–to the point that I’ve had to move it. At first, I bought in. She must be starving, I thought. (Right. She weighs 39 pounds.) I didn’t give in, but I did ask the trainer if I could give her more food. The answer was YES, as long as what I gave her was green

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My Weekend

I spent much of Saturday with my mom–we had lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Tomato Street, here in Spokane. We raided Walmart, and Mom got two new pairs of shoes at SAS. I met several of her friends, too. All in all, it was a fine Valentine’s Day! Came home to find that the ranch crew had left me a box of Valentine chocolates. :)

The rest of the time, I just puttered around with my art work. I finished a collage I’m doing as a gift for a dear one, and have begun a piece I like so

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The term “keep your ear to the ground” comes from literally putting an ear to the ground to listen for hoof beats.